Sea Dragon
Zak katara seahorse compositeedited

Composite 1

Zak katara seahorse composite3thumbnail

Another composite image

Zak katara seahorse side render1

Raw Cycles render

Zak katara seahorse desktop composite

Composite 2- This one I liked the most

Zak katara seahorse desktop raw

Another raw render

Sea Dragon

A deep sea seahorse species, identifiable by its coral-like body shape and extreme translucency of the body.

I used Zbrush to model it using ZSpheres, Dynamesh, and mostly move brushes and the standard brush. Substance painter for texturing normals, roughness, height, base color, and sub surface effects (basically just another base color map). Rendered and composited using Blender's Cycles Engine
For this one, I worked hard to get the subsurface right, about as equally as the base color skin texture. For the compositing, I did simple color correction and a lens flare filter set to glow, all inside blender.

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